Madison Stokes 12yo female born with SS sickle cell disease. Her history with this disease is very complex from multiple surgeries, stroke by the age of 4 and chronic, monthly blood transfusions for 9 years. We came to know of Preston’s League during our stay at Duke University bone marrow unit. Madison arrived June and transplant on July 11th. We were only suppose to be inpatient for about a month and a half but due to several complications we were there for 4 months. Preston’s League was such a blessing to us because I was there with Madison alone while my husband was home with my younger daughter, so I was not always able to get to a store for items. This organization stepped in and helped with that by shopping for us weekly at target. There were times that so much was going on that I would forget to submit my list and they would come by with some of my favorite items from previous request.  We will forever be grateful for the selfless act of kindness and compassion they expressed during our very long hospital stay. Thank you thank you thank you☺️❤️