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Rowan just turned 7 months old and is the youngest of 5.


At 1 month old he was diagnosed with a very rare metabolic disease called “Tay Sachs”. His only option was to do a chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant or simply do nothing. If we did nothing he would only live to be between the age 2 and 5. So, we chose to do the transplant in hopes he will live a much longer life.


I don’t think there is any right or wrong choice that is just what we chose to do. So far he is doing great. He truly is such a miracle and some days I still can’t believe he chose me to be his mother. I think everyone goes through life with one problem or another. No matter how big or small the struggle is, I think at times each can feel just as hard. I truly believe it’s how we choose to look at it and what we gain from that struggle. God never gives us anything we can’t handle and if we remember that we can push through just about anything.


This little boy is the true definition of strength. Something I always say is, life is really all about what we choose to focus on, so choose the good. I truly hope this little boy of mine can inspire and encourage so many to be the best they can be just as I’m sure your little boy did. Our world could truly use a little less judgement and a lot more kindness. I can honestly say that I have been beyond blessed through this entire process by so so many including Preston’s League.


I will forever be grateful for you guys.


Thank you, thank you for all your love and your kindness you have shown while we have been here. I have no doubt that Preston isn’t beyond proud of the parents he has and is smiling ear to ear. 

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